It is difficult to get dreams, and but very easy to loose them. The cruel world and its realities can kill the dreams that are not strong. Small saplings are more vulnerable then big trees. So work on dreams and develop them so they become big and strong. Cast them in steel. Here is how you do it:

Protect your dreams from Dream Stealers
It is important that you share your dreams with others. But, you have to be careful. There is more number of people who will laugh at you. They will try to steal your dreams. These are dream stealers. Unfortunately, they may come in form of people we actually trust. They may be our friends, teachers, parents; people who really matters to us. They want no harm. But they are too obsessed with the realities of this world. They have buried their own dreams deep down. And they are scared that you may be hurt. They believe that if there is no dream there is no fear of pain that one gets by not realizing it. They do not know that you have the courage that you have 'Dared to Dream'. Share your dream with them, but as soon as you find they are about to steal it get quiet and never speak to them about it.

Surround yourself with positive
Praise the Lord! There are enough people in this world who still have dream. You will recognize them easily as they radiate positive energy. They will be appreciative of your dream. Some will encourage you, but there will be other who will be ready to hold your hand. These are mentors you will need. Submit in them as there is a lot of power in submission. (Know more about the Power of Submission).

At the same time you will attract people who will start following you because of your dream. They will love you for your dream and will be willing to work for it. They will also fill you with conviction towards your dream. You will now want to realize the dream not only for your sake but also for all those who believe in you.

Leaders are Great because they have great Followers!

Another good way of positive association is to read plenty of positive books and listening to powerful inspirational speakers. This website is an effort to give you powerful positive association. Through books and recording you can associate with positive people who have big dreams themselves, and will help you to strengthen your own dream. Each page of this website refers you to such books. You can follow the links and purchase those books online.

Imagine your dream coming true
Imagine how it will be when your dream becomes a reality. Draw vivid pictures. Visualize yourself living your dream. This is a very powerful technique that will give strength to your dream and help you to hold it when you feel like giving it up like everybody else. You can learn about it at the section Positive Visualization.

Prepare a Roadmap
Make a plan that will help you live your dream. Break down the purpose of your life to time bound goals. Write down their material manifestation or rewards that you will give yourself. This can be anything, even personal goals such as better lifestyle, recognition, etc. Put on pictures of these goals or simply write them down in bold letter and put it on wall. Power them up with the passion of your dream, and they in turn will help you to believe in your dream. Know more about goal setting. You can learn more about Goal Setting by clicking here.

Take Action
Dreams with no actions is day-dreaming, a mere fantasy that dies quickly. So, if you want to cast your dreams in steal, you start taking action on the roadmap that you have prepared. Don't try to leap. Take baby steps, small things that you will do each day that will take a little closer to your dream. It could be as simple as meeting someone, or making a phone call or sending an e-mail. There is power in Action. Take it. (Click here).
"Dare to Succeed ..... You deserve it"
Vivek Ray
CEO & Mentor
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"Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."
- Anonymous
"The greatest reason to Dream is that Dream does not need any reason"
- Anonymous