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Warning: Some of the techniques prescribed over here may appear strange and different. It may even appear juvenile to a few. But, then if you wish to move away from the masses and achieve more than what an average person does, you will have do things that masses don't.

I promise that if you practice these techniques for only 21 days there will be visible change in you and your personality. A good attitude will become a habit. And as you change you will see that people's attitude has changed towards you. People around you will start looking up to you. True, a few of them may laugh, and that is a good sign.

When Edison was making light bulb, people laughed. They also laughed  when Wright brothers were working on their flying machine, or when Graham Bell made the first telephone call, or when Bill Gates started Microsoft. But in the end there was entire population cheering for them. Whenever you do something right the small world laughs, but the big world is there waiting to cheer you.

One difficulty you may face in practicing these techniques, are due to the fact that you may have to do certain things and say things that are contrary to the way you actually feel. It is proved scientifically that action and feeling are mutually inter-dependent. One can change the other. Actually our mind is conditioned for us to respond to our feelings. So, what we do is that when we feel negative, we act and talk negative. But if you consciously act and talk positive, you will start feeling positive. And that is exactly is the underlying principle of these techniques.

1. Develop an Attitude of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is one of the most important ammunition in your attitude arsenal. If you observe carefully you will see that all the super achievers in life a primarily enthusiastic people. Here I am giving you a few techniques that you can practice to develop an enthusiastic attitude and personality.

Change the way you get up in the morning
The way you get up in the morning, will largely determine how you will be for the rest of your day. Most, when they hear the alarm in the morning, curse the alarm clock (as if the poor clock was conspiring with the devil to wake you up). Then they reluctantly get out of the bed, go to the bathroom, look at the mirror, and say to themselves, "How awful I look!"

If this is the way you begin guess, how you are going to feel for the entire day?

So next time, as soon as the alarm rings, jump out of the bed and open the curtains, and greet the day. Say it loud "Hello world, I am so happy to be here, and it is going to be great day." Don't judge the day by weather. Your feeling grumpy about the weather and complaining about it is not going to make it good anyway. So irrespective of the weather you say that it is going to be a great day.  

When you see yourself in the mirror, you smile at yourself and say "You look funny man, but this is your day, and you are going to be a successful man/woman today."

It will be difficult to do it initially. But do it anyway. You may even feel silly and funny. But that is the point. By changing the way you get out of the bed you are taking a big step towards changing your attitude.

Sing in the shower
Singing is one of the most effective ways known to mankind to express emotions. You do not sing because you are happy. You are happy because you sing. So sing whenever you can. Sing happy songs that are full of energy and enthusiasm, and sing them at top of your voice. (That is why I advise you to sing in the shower, especially if you are a terrible singer like me).

You may ask me that how singing at the top of the voice can help you. First at the top of your voice you can only sing songs that have energy. The energy of the song transfers to you and energies you mentally. Second you can not feel negative at top of your voice

Greet people properly
Enthusiasm is like flu. It catches. So, whenever and wherever, you meet people greet them enthusiastically.  They may be your colleague, your boss, your subordinate, the waiter in the restaurant, the doorman, the person sitting next to you in the bus, your friend, whoever.

Usually when people are asked "How are you?" they say I am fine; so-so; Ok; not so fine; etc. Change it. Next time a person asks how you are, say with lot of enthusiasm "I feel great or Super good, but I am improving." Even when you answer your telephone do it with enthusiasm.

People all over have problems that are bogging them. When you greet them with enthusiasm they for a moment forget their problems and feel good about themselves. I had a boss in one of my earlier jobs. This gentleman is a retired Brigadier. Even today whenever I feel little gloomy, I call him. The way he picks up the phone makes my day. His voice is loud and clear, as if he is so happy that someone called as he says' "Good Morning Son! It is great to hear your voice."

When you bring enthusiasm in the way you greet, you radiate positive energy. The other people around you also get affected by it and that creates a positive environment. So, what you are actually doing is that whenever you are meeting people and greeting them with enthusiasm you are creating a positive environment for yourself, and that in turn ensures that you remain positive.

Work with enthusiasm
There is no work that is big or small. Each one has its own importance. It is just the way you look at it. What matters is your attitude towards the work you are doing. This anecdote explains it.

On a construction site, three manual labors were asked what they were doing. One said that he was earning the days wage; other said that he is mixing cement and sand. The third however, said happily that he is building home for people to live in. He did not stop at that, as he enthusiastically proceeded to show where will be the sitting room, the bedrooms, kitchen etc.

Now, it is anybodies guess that even though all the three were doing the same work, who was happier and more successful. That is why I say that success is a matter of attitude. So, whatever be the work, easy or difficult, small or big, do it with same enthusiasm.
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"Enthusiasm is one of the most important weapon in your attitude arsenal"
- Vivek Ray
"Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success."
- Dale Carnegie
"Enthusiasm is contagious - and so is the lack of it"
- Anonymous
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