Manifestation of Poor Self Image

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The Yes People

These are people who are too scared to offend others by saying ‘No’. So they say ‘Yes’ every time and end up making promises that are impossible for them to keep. Eager to get themselves liked by all and sundry they are too scared to turn anyone down. Over-zealous to please, unfortunately, they over commit themselves and hence are unable to deliver in spite of their best intentions, As a result they loose respect in eyes of others as well as themselves, thus further lowering their self-image.

Uncomfortable feeling when alone

People with low self image are not their own friend. In fact they are their own worst enemies. They always need to talk to somebody, or have company. Left alone they feel scared and uncomfortable. After all they are alone with the enemy who thinks poorly of them. They, in order to ward off the uncomfortable feeling, will listen to loud music, or keep the television switched on, or may even take to alcohol and drugs.

Unable to accept criticism

People with unhealthy self-image are always scared of their reputation and crave for recognition. Slightest words of criticism appear to them as a threat to their reputation among the peer group. So, they usually take criticism as a personal attack on their position within the group and hence react negatively to even friendly criticism by getting angry or by throwing a tantrum.

Poor sense of humour

These are pranksters and practical jokers who are always cracking jokes, and passing rude and insulting remarks at all and sundry, thinking that they are being very funny. They derive satisfaction and fake sense of superiority by hurting others. However, they can not tolerate when same happens to them. They can not bear anyone laughing at them. They even react unnaturally at innocent laughter as they always suspect that they are the topic of the joke. Since they do it themselves, they always feel others are doing it to them. (Actually their self-image is so low that they consider themselves as a perfect victim of the pranks and jokes they play on others).

Lack of genuine friends & broken relationships

A person with a poor self image will deny anything good for themselves. And one good thing they always deny is good decent relationships. Usually they fail to get genuine friendships as they can not accept criticism. They are unable to enjoy healthy relationships with their lovers, spouse, other family members or children, as they allow their internal insecurities to take better of them, and they do not give much required space to their relationships. Because, they do not consider themselves worthy of love, respect and friendship, they can never recognize them when they get it, and become over demanding, possessive and controlling, that ultimately kills the relationship. Alternatively if they lack assertiveness they will let everyone walk all over them, and never really earn any respect and will not enjoy the relationship.

Making excuses

Success and failure are personal responsibility of every individual. People with low self image are unable to owe up the responsibility of their actions, whether it resulted in failure or success. They will blame their circumstances, people around them and may be their own inadequacies for each of their failures. By making excuses they try to protect their already low self image. Surprisingly, even if they do achieve something, they are unable to accept the credit for the same. They exhibit excessive humility, and pass

Rebel outlaws

A dog barks when it needs attention; children act naughty or throw tantrums when they are seeking attention of their parents who are busy elsewhere. Similarly, there are many individuals with low self image who continuously need attention to feed their fragile egos. They actually never grow up.These radicals crave attention so much that they will join cults, gangs and wrong crowds. They will reject accepted authority and be involved in acts such as terrorism, rebellion, and many other criminal activities. Though, unacceptable in society, it definitely gets them attention that they so desperately seek.

In fact self-image plays such an important role in a person’s life that all his problems and reasons of failure can be attached with unhealthy self image. Apart from the manifestations of low self image discussed here there are many other character traits that have their seed in it. Compulsive liar, Power fanatic, Angry maniac, Stressholic, Chatterbox, Spoiled Brat, Conceited looker, Selfish people etc. are all examples of people with poor self-image.

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