Improving Self Image (Part 3)

“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.

-  Thomas Carlyle quotes

“Relentless, repetitive self talk is what changes our self-image

- Denis Waitley 

“Resentment is weak and lowers your self-image.

- Barbara Sher 


Continued from Part 2

Some More Practical Tips to Improve Self Image

Count your winnings

There are number of things your have done in life that you have loved doing. There are a number of incidences, when you have excelled and even surprised yourself. There must be moments when you really enjoyed and felt complete and allowed yourself to relax. Count them, and keep on reliving those experiences in your memory. Since those were real experiences, they will help you to believe that you actually deserve good things in life. This will heal your self image and will help you to duplicate those experiences that gave you moments of success.

Create new experiences

A poor self-image saps your confidence. You can create new reference experience to give you the boost. You can take some kind of positive actions to bring about a different understanding.

You may even have to do disagreeable things and move out of your comfort zone. If you are uncomfortable with strangers, make it point to meet new people and introduce yourself and get to know them. Learn a new skill, or take up some higher education. These new experiences will break your thinking patterns. You can do more, work a little harder and try new things. Your self-image will improve and your self-esteem will increase.

Help others

Helping others, especially those who can not return you the favor is one of the greatest ways to improve your self image. There is a wise saying, ‘be a student in one class and a teacher in another.’ Being a student creates new positive experiences and being a teacher gives you an opportunity to help others. Be a mentor to somebody. Read books, and what ever you have learned spread it around. Speak to others words of love, hope and compassion. This is the best thing you can do in today’s world where hope is becoming a scarce commodity. When you help others, you automatically elevate yourself and do wonderful things to your self image.

Play with children

Children are perhaps nearest to God. They have not been affected by the negativities of this world and are free of inhibitions and have high self image. Playing with them therefore gives you complete enjoyment and relaxation. There innocence, gives your thinking a new and more positive direction and helps you to feel good about yourself. Children love unconditionally and accept you the way you are, and this in turn helps you to accept yourself and develop a healthy self image.

Find time for yourself

The biggest victim of today’s stressful life is our self-image. Give yourself some time every day. It could be for just fifteen minutes before going to bed, or during lunch time in your office, or any-time that is convenient to you. Sit quietly for a while and close your eyes and empty your mind of all thoughts. Simply relax and try to be completely at ease with yourself and repeat the following words slowly in your mind:

  • I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
  • I now express love to all those I meet.
  • I am a radiating centre of divine love.
  • Divine love is working through me now.
  • Love radiates from me at all times.
  • I love myself completely.
  • Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I give and receive love easily and joyfully.
  • Others love me easily and joyfully.
  • I now feel loved and appreciated by my parents, my friends.
  • I express love freely
  • As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.
  • I radiate love to all persons and places and things.
  • People are just waiting to love me, and I allow them.
  • I breathe in universal love.
  • I attract loving, beautiful people into my life.
  • I always deserve love.
  • I am attracting loving relationships into my life.
  • I project love to everyone I meet.
  • I love and approve of myself.
  • I am special
  • I am a beautiful, special person

Take out time for your hobby, or your sport, or cook for your spouse, or pamper yourself with a massage. The trick is that when you give yourself time, your mind rejuvenates and negativities clear of, healing your self image that may have got injured due to the unwanted experiences of day to day life.

Reprogram your mind

When I asked you to repaint a new picture, I was talking about positive visualization. When I asked you to take out time for yourself and repeat positive auto suggestions in your mind, I was speaking about self-talk. These are techniques with which we can reprogram our mind. We can create a new program that will have a new positive self-image. To know how to reprogram your mind step by step, go to the Success Programming section of the website.

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