Improving Self Image (Part 2)

To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget about the failures and the negatives in our lives.

-  Denis Waitley  

“The ”self-image” is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.

- Maxwell Maltz 

Continued from Part 1

Change your environment

The environment you are in has a direct bearing on your self image. If the people around you are mediocre with poor self image it is very likely that you will become like them. If you wish to improve your own self image, get associated with people who are positive, enthusiastic, and energetic. Make friends with people who are dreamers and are growing.

However, be cautious of people who look down upon you. They may look, very successful, positive, and energetic, but they too are suffering from low self image, as a person with positive self image will treat people equally, and embrace anyone who comes to them as a friend.

One great way of creating the right environment is to be around good books, and audio recordings of powerful speakers. This is one of the best ways you can associate with positive people that will do wonders for your self image. Attend motivational seminars and training sessions, as you will readily find a group of people who have decided to help themselves and others and therefore are improving their own self image, and will help you to improve yours as well.

Paint a new picture

What picture of self do you have in mind? If it is one of a positive person, who is energetic, radiant and successful, who enjoys good relationships, and is climbing up in life, then it is a positive self image. But if it is not that, then your self image needs some attention. The painting of self that is in our mind is the one that got automatically generated based on our environment, circumstances and our experiences.

But now, what you will do is to create a painting of yourself, the way you want it to be, consciously. In your mind take the old picture and tear it off or visualize it burning to ashes. Then create the new picture step by step, Make necessary changes till you have the picture of your improved self. Please note it has to be ‘your own improved self’ and not an imitation of someone else whom you admire.

Once you have the picture ready, you have to start believing that it is what you are from right now. From now on what ever you feel or think, match it with the new picture you have painted. If your thought or action is not consistent to this new improved picture, change the thought. In a few days of making this conscious effort you will see that you have actually become the picture that you have painted.

Correct your body image

If you are struggling with how you look you should evaluate your thinking. Is your opinion about your body realistic? Would a change give you more happiness, self-confidence and success?

Is there something really wrong with your body? Or is it just a mental perception based on your unrealistic expectations and past mental programs. You have to be really honest because a poor opinion of yourself is a barrier to your social interaction with others.

Each one of you has the right to look good and attractive. But first get rid of the stereotyped perception of what looking good is. Of course you need to have a wonderful figure if you are a model or actor. But it is more important that you are fit. And as well as looks are concerned, take professional help, learn what goes best on you and change the way you wear you makeup, hairstyle, clothing etc., If you think cosmetic surgery will help and you can afford it, go for it. Have healthy food and get regular exercise. However, do not overdo anything, because excess of everything is bad.

Ultimately, feel good about yourself. If you feel good you will look good. Most of the time you will not be able to change the way nature has made you and it is not in your hand. But, the way you carry yourself; your grooming and your personality is in your hands. People will like you not for your good looks but for your good personality.

Change your belief system

Religion had been one of the greatest traps injecting into people a self-limiting belief system. The doctrines propagated by these so called gurus, priests etc. only is benefit them as it gives them the control over the life of people who put their trust in them. All man-made religions talk about god in some form, but advocate earning the favour of God with self efforts. But in our conscious we all know that in our present imperfect state it is impossible to come to those perfect standards of goodness. This only makes us miserable. The so called gods of these religion is someone up there who is a tyrant, judging people, but has no concern for their situation or is not interested in their personal life. Surprisingly the gods that are worshipped in form of idols are reflects all human weaknesses. If we see our god as an unconcerned, unloving tyrant with one suffering from human-like weaknesses, then how can we be expected to see ourselves in right light?

Another belief system is a total rejection of God. These are those people who see the weakness in religion and reject God, and try to live a life independent of him. They cannot experience the love of God in their life and hence has have a poor self image. A life-style where a person believes whatever works for him without any moral absolute destroys the image of God in him. This is evident from the crimes and destruction of social fabric prevalent today.

An empowering belief system that believes in a personal Holy God who is perfect, but at the same time is all love, who is keenly interested in you on a personal level changes the entire equation. I shall be discussing this in detail in Success Programming. However, I will like to tell here that only a belief system based on Bible can really help a person to have a personal relationship with God, without getting religious, or becoming legalistic. I can say it with certain level of authority based on my intensive research and personal experience of more than ten years.

I urge your dear friends, to look into the Bible and put your faith in the God who has created you. The best part of a Bible based belief system is that it is reasonable and encourages you to ask questions and expect answers directly from God. It encourages you to be a friend of God and let God help you. It encourages you to accept the free gift of God and a promise of a glorious future not for what you are but because of what God is!  What bigger healing can be there for your self-image than having a personal relationship with Almighty God who calls you friend? (You may write to me and talk to me with an open mind if you want to know more).

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