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The journey of life is not a smooth one. Nor it is cent percent predictable. Situations more than often will not turn out to be the way we want them to. We set goals, and do our best to achieve them. But some times we are stuck. Things happen that we had never expected. Obstructions come from no where and all our plans go down the drain. There are rejections, heartbreaks, roadblocks, dead-ends and failures that can leave us shocked, frustrated and disappointed.

It may make us feel negative about our goals and we may give up pursuing them any further. But that is the point. There is no one who does not have problems or challenges in life. The difference between achievers and non-achievers is that achievers achieve in-spite of their challenges.

Successful people set goals but are fully aware of the fact that their will be roadblocks. They do not allow the roadblocks to bother them. They simply take a different route and reach were they want to reach. You can do it too if you train yourself to handle these roadblocks.

Have Faith
In face of obstructions just keep faith. Keep it in mind that whatever happens is as per the master plan that is prepared by someone above us. (We normally call it the God). Faith is known to move mountains. So when you walk in faith, you handover all your challenges to a power that is bigger and capable to take care of all your needs. Submitting to the higher consciousness and having faith in it takes a lot of worry from your shoulders. It will help you to focus and concentrate on what you can control rather than what you can not. It will help you to respond to the situations rather than react to them. Faith will help you to keep moving and as you keep moving you will see that many a obstructions will melt away or give way. To fully understand the Power of Faith and develop it, click here.

Know That Delay Never Means Defeat
Challenges, Obstacles, and roadblocks have the capacity to delay us. But delay never means defeat. You can loose only if your turn back and quit. As long as you are persevering in faith you have not lost. So, do not accept defeat and give up. Rest if you must but don't quit. You are not in competition with any one else, so don't despair. Work on the challenges, remove the roadblocks and then continue your journey. Just keep in mind success is nothing but overcoming challenges.

Try Different Strategy
You are driving to your destination, when you find that the road is blocked for repairs. What do you do? Simple, you go back a little if required and take a diversion. This is what you do with your goals. If one strategy does not work, try out a different strategy. There are challenges that you had not anticipated earlier. So, make a fresh action plan keeping in consideration the new challenges. Just keep in mind that there are more than one ways to your destination.

Keep Patience and Procrastinate Positively
Every time things won't work out your way. There will be unforeseen circumstances that can be trying. Pressing the panic button will only create stress and restlessness. Circumstances may force you to change your priorities. If you suddenly develop a health challenge then of course health will be your priority. Similarly if you have financial challenges, you will have to solve it first before you can move ahead with your other plans. In such situations you need to keep patience with your other goals and willfully postpone them. This is known as Positive Procrastination. It is true that goals have deadlines but they have to be kept flexible so that you can positively respond to situations. When faced with challenges and delays you do not change your goals but simply set a new deadline that is more conducive to the current situation.

Rework Your Goals
Sometimes as you move ahead in life and your priorities changes, there will be number of goals that may loose their relevance. Pursuing such goals that have lost relevance will not make you happy or feel successful. On the contrary you may waste your time, and creating unnecessary stress that will create roadblocks towards achieving your more worth while goals. So, periodically, review your goals. Add new goals, make new action plans for the existing goals and delete the ones that you no longer find relevant. For this you can use the various tools and techniques described in this section of goal setting.


God Bless You…………
"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
- C.S. Lewis
"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way."
- Wayne Dyer
 "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."
- Frank A. Clark
Procrastination - The Enemy Within
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