Developing Faith

“Keep your faith in all beautiful things; in the sun when it is hidden, in the Spring when it is gone.”

-  Roy R. Gilson

“When you put faith, hope and love together, you can raise positive kids in a negative world.”

- Zig Ziglar

“Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.”

- Mary Mcleod Bethune


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Why do we have faith in small things in life? It is because, we have learned it and developed it over a period of time. But, no one has taught us to how to have faith in bigger things. As  children, we learn things by imitating our elders. Unfortunately, since, they lack faith, we do not develop it. The children of parents who have strong faith do not need to work on developing it. For them it comes naturally.

However, not many are this lucky. Even the schools are doing a poor task of developing faith. The world around us is also naturally negative, that tells us that how useless we are. And we believe it. So the onus of developing faith lies entirely on us and we better do it as it is our life. Here are the techniques that can get you started. But remember it is on you to feed your faith so that it grows bigger than the mountain that stands between you and your success.

Accept the existence of God:

This is first step towards developing faith. As humans we are conscious and intelligent beings. But there has to exist an intelligence and consciousness higher than our own. That must be God. Without God, we are just an accident. If we look at the complexity of our being and that of the universe, it is evident that there has to be a designer behind it. There has to be a God who is a person. I am not talking religion here, but plane logic.

Many people do not believe in God, simply because of many reasons. We shall be discussing it under Success Programming. Here I want to make a simple point. Accept that God exists and believe in it. Do not look at idols, as they are gods created by us and have the same weakness as us that makes us lose faith in ourselves. The only reasonable and logical faith can be in the God of Bible; a God who is just but loving, holy but forgiving. He is personally interested and involved in our lives as we struggle in this fallen world. He is the God whom we can depend on totally, when our wisdom runs out and so does our strength. Accept Him and believe in Him. After all we talking about faith aren’t we? I am not talking of becoming religious. Here I am asking you to put a simple child like faith in the God who is much bigger than all of us and loves us. It is impossible to develop faith without first putting faith in God.

Believe that the God is all powerful:

Once you have accepted  God, now is the time to believe that He is powerful and always with you. Believe that he loves you and is on your side.  Accepting Jesus as persona saviour and reading Bible, the love letter from God makes it very easy to believe this fact, as you will start seeing manifestation of God’s presence in your own life.  You will soon know  that God plus one is majority. So, if you believe that God is with you, you are already in majority. Also know that it is God who has bestowed you with a gift of Dream. God wouldn’t have given you something that you can not handle. So, whatever be the circumstances you can always turn to God for help.

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